From Within Me

​THE EFFECT OF STRESS OVERLOAD The body’s autonomic nervous system often does a poor job of distinguishing between daily stressors and life-threatening events. If you’re stressed over an argument with a friend, a traffic jam on your commute to work, or a mountain of bills, for example, your body can still react as if you’re facing a life-or-death situation. When you repeatedly experience the fight or flight stress response in your daily life, it can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, speed up the aging process and leave you vulnerable to … Continue reading From Within Me

Oh Sister covered in Hijab – Shayk Badr Ali Utaybee hafidahullaah

Originally posted on Authentic Fiqh Answers According to the Quran & Sunnah:
This is a poem by Shaykh Badr Bin Ali Utaybee hafidahullaah, Taken from the Book “20 pieces of advice to my sister before her marriage” “Oh sister veiled in hijaab slacken your pace. Walk upon the hearts of the jealous ones and cause them to tremble! Move with nobility and pride whenever the eyes of the envious are barred from glancing at your skin. You are beauty in its goodness and perfection. You are chastity in all its glory. Don’t be decieved! Indeed veiling your face is from… Continue reading Oh Sister covered in Hijab – Shayk Badr Ali Utaybee hafidahullaah

FOOD 🍰🍔🍖🍞🍚🍛

Our grandmas used to say that the only way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach – remember that one?😁 Well, we have learned by now that, that’s not the only way, although it certainly is one of the ways and, if I may add, a very good one. 👍👍👌👌 Men love women who can cook and women who would be willing to learn to cook for them. That’s when that traditional part of the brain turns on to note that the woman in question would be a good wife. It’s a cliche, I know, but even … Continue reading FOOD 🍰🍔🍖🍞🍚🍛

The Two Foods

The first time I heard about this, it wasn’t under this title head.  I was discussing with a friend and he told me point blank…. “Men love two tthings, ‘food  and the other  food’ and a good woman should know how to make those foods for her Man” So I hail 🙌🙌🙌 women who have been able to provide these foods for their husbands. 😊 The next posts on this category will be about these foods… What to do.. What not to do… How to do…when and why we should do it. So watch out😉 I hope to see comments … Continue reading The Two Foods